19 april 2024:         Re-attendance in supplemental breast MRI screening rounds of the DENSE trial for women with extremely dense breasts

12 maart 2024:       Gezondheidsraad: Verbetermogelijkheden voor het bevolkingsonderzoek borstkanker samenvatting

5 oktober 2023        Monitor Bevolkingsonderzoek op Borstkanker 2022

8 september 2023    Mammography in Sweden: a prospective, population-based, paired-reader, non-inferiority study

29 augustus 2023    Assessing Breast Cancer Risk by Combining AI for Lesion Detection and Mammographic Texture

1 maart 2023          LETB Resultaten bevolkingsonderzoek borstkanker 2023 rapport XV

15 juni 2022           Possible strategies for use of artificial intelligence in screen-reading of mammograms, based on retrospective data from 122,969 screening examinations"    

8 februari 2022       Interval Cancer Detection Using a Neural Network and Breast Density in Women with Negative Screening Mammograms 

16 maart 2021:      Supplemental Breast MRI for Women with Extremely Dense Breasts: Results of the Second Screening Round of the DENSE Trial